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It’s official! Education Alliance Finland recognizes Photon Education with an official certification!

We scored 92% in Pedagogical Approach and 4.33/5 in Learning Engagement during the Education Alliance Finland evaluation process. EAF’s mission is to promote the most innovative and efficient products and services for teachers and educational institutions  According to the report, our products are high-quality educational materials that ensure effective teaching among the youngest. We do agree with that statement! 

Some of the best education industry experts took a closer look at the Social-Emotional Learning Kit. Let’s see what they had to say step-by-step.


Table of contents:

  1. Main Conclusions
  2. Evaluation Process 
  3. Final Results
  4. About Photon Education and Education Alliance Finland


Main Conclusions

  1. Photon Social-Emotional Learning Kit is a comprehensive and highly effective toolkit for improving social and emotional skills.
  2. Lesson plans ensure a smooth, gradual development of students’ abilities. 
  3. Photon EDU is an intuitive and easy-to-use coding application that supports students’ development at every level.
  4. Photon SEL Kit is a flexible and versatile toolkit for learning SEL skills.

The study has reached some exciting results. It’s now official: we meet all the requirements of the CASEL methodology, as well as the UK core curriculum for programming. Course materials, equipment, and accessories help teachers develop and perfect their teaching skills. 

That could have something to do with the fact we bring the highest quality modern educational solutions and makes sure that the next generation has all the tools necessary for the job market.


Evaluation Process

What do EAF experts say?

“The Photon SEL kit includes an ample amount of material that can be used in the class in multiple ways. The Photon app with additional project lessons and the programming curriculum expand the use of the robot and offer other age-appropriate content. The SEL activities are done in groups, where the students get to show their activity and receive immediate feedback from the teacher and their peers. The use of the robot adds a tactile element that engages also through problem-solving. In SEL activities, there are nice ways to complete the lesson by playing sounds and programs from Photon, and the robot gives other immediate feedback also during the activities by reacting to commands.”


Final Results 


Photon Education (www.old.photon2.thecamels.pl)

Photon Education is a Polish company with a global reach. It specializes in innovative educational solutions, such as robots. Photon products find their use in a wide range of age groups and school subjects, including sciences and social-emotional development. The goal of Photon Education is to help teachers develop new skills while helping students achieve skills necessary for the modern job market.

Education Alliance Finland (https://educationalliancefinland.com/)
Education Alliance Finland is the world’s leading certification organization that evaluates learning solutions. Its mission is to promote the most innovative and efficient products and services for teachers and educational institutions. Evaluations are conducted by Finnish pedagogical experts and researchers and examine the strengths and areas of development of each product in three key areas: learning objectives, pedagogical approach, and usability.