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All you need to help your child make their first steps
in the modern world full of technology.

The line between fun and
learning was erased!

Theory and practice? Definitely not! Children learn best when they do not know they learn.
These were exactly the basis Photon Home Edition was designed on. Children get a safe and valuable educational toy thanks to which, they can discover unknown areas of technology and grow.

Appropriate stimulation

Appropriate stimulation

Photon Robot was designed to develop:

  • imagination and spatial orientation,
  • planning, anticipating, understanding step-by-step logics,
  • patience, deferment of the prize,
  • algorithmics basics.

The things children learn during first years of their life will shape them for their future life.

Each and every Photon Robot is unique

One of Photon Robot's features is its customisation system. In the app, children face challenges connected to coding. At the same time they collect points that can be then exchanged for their robots skills development. Thanks to this option, children know that there is no other similar robot on the planet!

Amazing fun for whole family!

Thanks to Photon Coding app children get unlimited possibilities to use technology for their own purpose. It is a wonderful chance to have fun with a whole family creating new fancy challenges for the robot.

Apps prepared for little ones

In order to fully use Photon Robot's capabilies, various apps adjusted to different age groups were created. Thanks to this solution Photon can be used by small children who did not have anything to do with coding before and by those who are already familiar with new technologies.

Reading skill is not a bareer

Visual self-learning system makes the play simple and intuitive so that there is no adult's help required. In additions, Photon Robot uses text-to-speech solution that reads all the commands in the app in all the available languages. This unique function allows fully autonomous learning process with robot. Even children that do not know yet how to read can use it.

Robot that gets tired!

In order to provide appropriate stimulation and gradual knowledge absorption, the app does not allow to complete too many challenges at a time. Each challenge participation uses Photon Robot's energy. When the robot's energy is used, robot needs to recover letting children get some off-screen time.

Made with psychologists

Every Photon Robot's element - its abilities, operation mode or history behind it - was created in direct cooperation with a team of psychologists of Warsaw University of Social Sciences and Humanity. The robot was designed in cooperation with children in order to stimulate their growth in a best possible way.

More than one child at home?

In case of other products available on the market, it would be necessary to get two, three or even more robots. But we think not only about children but also about their parents. Having only one robot, it is possible to create separate profiles for each child in the application. Each profiles contains information concerning each child's progress. Thanks to this feature, your children can develop their robot their own way and not bother their siblings.

You think that Photon Robot might easily get damaged?

We will not convince you that Photon Robot cannot be accidentally get broken. Just watch our crash-test video!

What if Photon Robot gets injured?

Then we will take care of your injured Photon Robot in our Photon Hospital! All treatments and surgeries are included. Together with your recovered robot you will receive a discharge certificate from the hospital. The only thing you need to take care of is get in touch with us and deliver the patient.

Test Photon Robot for 30 days without any risk!

If you do not get to love it, we will take it back and you will be refunded.

Photon Robot Home Edition


All you need to help your child make their first steps in the modern world full of technology.