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Coding is for everyone. Coding
learns how to think logically.

Awakens passion for coding!

You think Photon Robot is only for small children? You could not be more mistaken! Available applications dedicated to older children, allow both programming from scratch and practice coding skills at a higher level.

Child development
on many levels

The Photon Robot helps children become better acquainted with technology, and at the same time:

  • allows to learn script languages (used by professional programmers),
  • teaches computational thinking, i.e. the process of finding solutions to complex problems,
  • shows how to achieve the same solution in many ways,
  • allows to understand how to use technology for own purposes.

More features available when using a PC

The Photon Magic Bridge application, in conjunction with the Photon Magic Dongle device, allows to use the application on a PC and includes access to popular programs such as Scratch, MakeCode as well as script languages JavaScript and Python.

Let your child discover a genius in themselves

When a child gets a tool without any imposed restrictions and patterns they can bring out the deepest layers of creativity. Things that arise then are almost magical. That is exactly what technology is like. The outcomes of combining technology and children's imagination always exceed expectations.

Test Photon Robot without any risk for 30 days!

If you do not get to love it, we will takie it back and you will be refunded.

Photon Robot Home Edition


Everything you need to help your child, take his first steps in a modern, technology-filled world.