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Comprehensive child development

At the stage of pre-school education, classes with Photon Robot help develop visual-motor and manual coordination of children. They improve their spatial orientation. Children learn to plan, predict and understand event logic.

Education through play

Using Photon Robot during classes teaches children how to work in a group, arouses their curiosity and engages emotions. Learning through play is fun. Children absorb knowledge best when they are completely unaware that they are learning.

Easy to use

Photon Robot requires no configuration and can be operated by any teacher without preparation. Basic functions do not require technical education, and robot operation is simple and intuitive.

Safe for children

Photon Robot's construction is completely safe for children. Without protruding cables, replaceable batteries or direct access to electronic systems, Photon Robot has all the required safety certificates.

Works with most devices

Photon Robot is compatible with most devices available in the kindergarten classroom, such as interactive whiteboards. You can use a tablet, computer and even a smartphone to operate it.

See an example lesson

Photon Robot supports children in discovering technical talents, acquiring new knowledge, and developing creativity and artistic skills. It can be used during physical activities. Students are limited only by imagination!

Lesson plans for conducting classes

Special sets of lessons have been developed for pre-school education to facilitate classes. Teachers leading the lessons learn the operation of the robot, while teaching children key skills such as expressing emotions or spatial skills.

Coding in Kindergarten

First steps in the programming world, adapted to children's perceptive capabilities.

Photon Draw (5+)

It consists of programming the path that the robot will take by drawing it with your finger on the screen. On the path, in selected places, determine how Photon Robot should behave. This programming method teaches, planning and developing spatial orientation along with other skills. Programming screen is available in Photon EDU, Photon Coding and Photon Magic Bridge applications.

Photon Badge (6+)

Program using instructions in the form of symbols. Children create a path as instructed in the task. In this way, they develop error detection, planning and prediction skills. Programming screen is available in Photon EDU, Photon Coding and Photon Magic Bridge applications.

Applications created for kindergartens

Can be used in most educational institutions.

Photon EDU App

Application dedicated to teachers who are beginners in programming. The application can be combined with ready-made lessons adapted to specific age groups. Entering the code from the selected lesson gives access only to those functions that are needed for the given class. Photon Edu allows you to create your own lesson plans.

Photon Coding App

An application designed for teachers who already have programming experience. All functions are available without restrictions, so teachers can create their own lesson plans.

Photon Magic Bridge

The desktop application allows you to program Photon Robot using an interactive whiteboard. Children see the progress of work, which engages the whole group to actively participate in classes, while developing teamwork. Additionally, it enables programming of up to 8 robots from one device.


Photon Robot in kindergarten:

  • Ideal for teachers to learn programming. It does not require knowledge or technical experience.
  • Free access to ready-made database of classroom lessons.
  • Ready to use right out of the box.
  • Compatible with devices available in kindergarten.
  • Durable and safe construction prevents accidental damage to the robot.