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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions are one of the best ways to acquire knowledge. Be brave and ask!

What does it mean that the robot develops with the child?

This means that Photon’s capabilities depend on the application progress. After taking the robot out of the box, Photon has very limited capabilities. After completing some challenges, Photon discovers new features and unlocks them for children to be used!

Can two children play with one robot?

Yes, in the Photon Robot application you can create a separate profile for each child, thanks to which children can use an individual learning mode.

What is the difference between Photon Robot and Photon Coding applications?

Photon Robot is an application with a fabular story in which children learn about Photon in  “step by step” mode. They learn it’s operation, experiments with sensors and learn the basics of programming. The degree of difficulty increases as the child progresses in the application, and the robot’s capabilities are closely dependent on the knowledge that the child has gained.

The Photon Coding application contains all fully unlocked programming interfaces. There are no limitations here. Children can practice the acquired knowledge and create their own programs for Photon, especially when they have experience with the basics of programming.

My child has never programmed - can they handle Photon?

By creating this product, we’ve considered children who have no previous coding experience. That’s why we’ve consulted our ideas with psychologists. We’ve also checked how children in the age group of 6-12 deal with programming Photon. They did very well and Photon gave them a lot of fun!

What's in the box?

The box contains Photon robot, a microUSB cable for charging, user manual, warranty card, instructions for safe use and a set of stickers for customizing the robot. The applications are free and can be downloaded from the Google Play and AppStore.

What is the difference between the educational and the retail version?

In the retail version, the child learns with the robot. Everything is done intuitively thanks to the application. You do not need a teacher or a parent to make the child use Photon.

In the educational version everything happens under the guidance of a teacher. In addition, there are scenarios where the robot performs the role of a teacher’s assistant in passing knowledge. A child can’t decide how to develop his Photon, because everything depends on teacher.

Is this the final version of Photon?

The robot as a physical device is final and will not be modified in near future. However, we are constantly developing the application and software of the robot. Updates are free, and the software is updated remotely from mobile device level (through the tablet/smartphone).