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Discover basic apps for Photon Robot

First challenge, first smile!

It is very important not to be discouraged at the beginning by bad experiences. That is why at Photon™ we believe it is highly importance that applications that are the first contact of a child with new technology are user friendly. Each screen was designed for children of different ages, with specific capabilities and perception.

Photon Robot

Application dedicated to young discoverers.


Will you give your child a chance to save Photon Robot?

You probably heard a lot stories about newcomers from space? This one also has its happy ending. Although, let's start from the beginning ... Flying to Earth, Photon Robot collided with an asteroid. As a result of a hard landing, it lost all its abilities and now only children can help it learn everything again. Using an interesting story, the technological knowledge is transferred in a subconscious way and delivered to children through tasks and challenges which lead to saving the robot from trouble.

New skills acquired gradually

The Photon Robot application consists of 10 chapters and provides children with several weeks of great and developing fun. In each chapter, children take part in Photon Robot's adventures. They face challenges related to the basics of programming, discovering the possibilities of the robot, and as a result help it acquire new skills.

Photon Robot guides children in the application

Thanks to tutorials and the system of reading commands aloud, Photon Robot is suitable even for the youngest children who cannot read yet. The solutions used in the application allow children to play independently. Parents will only be needed when children want to show them their achievements!

Photon Coding

A place where imagination does not have limitations


When your child wants more

If your child completes the Photon Robot app and its features are no longer sufficient, let them use their imagination. With the Photon Coding application you can create your own programs. There are no scenarios or instructions. The children can fully develop their skills.

Coding with one finger?

The youngest children can start their programming adventure in a very simple way. They get a possibility to program Photon Robot by drawing a path on the screen using only their finger. Every action taken by robot is shown in a form of a logical sequence of events. Thanks to that children develop manual skills and spatial orientation.

Step-by-step designing

The child uses picture symbols to create a program. They create a set of instructions that robot should follow. The Photon Badge interface strongly develops spatial imagination. Children learn to plan and anticipate subsequent events. They also deal with algorithms and repetitive activities.

Your little one already knows the basics?

Photon Robot is not just coding with symbols. Children and teenagers who already have some programming basics can develop their skills using more advanced applications.

Wondering if the device you have works with Photon Robot?

Check the list of tested devices.

Photon Robot Home Edition


All you need to help your child make their first steps in the modern world full of technology.