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Discover advanced apps for Photon Robot

Take good care of your child's future

Learning coding does not necessarily mean that your child will become a programmer. Coding gives wides perspectives of growth. Programming skills are not only useful when it comes to familiarising with new technologies but they also teach logical thinking and problem solving. It allows to look at the world from a different perspective and at the same time can be a great hobby.

Photon Coding

A place where imagination does not have limitations.


The only limit is imagination

Photon Coding application fives wide spectrum of possibilities. The are no boundaries or limiting patterns. All options are unlocked from the very beginning. Nothing but to code! Children who already completed Photon Robot application (or do not wish to use it because they know basics of coding) may use Photon Coding application to develop their passion.

Photon Blocks

Photon Blocks Interface for children who are already able to read. At this stage they create complex programs and configure sequences using colourful instruction blocks. Children develop their analytical skills, learn how to design complex sequences with use of robot's sensors. They develop the ability of bugs detection and optimisation of written programs.

Photon Code

Photon Code First milestone in a direction or real programming. The interface is only available i English and looks similar to programming in a console. Unique features allow children creating programs from blocks of text. Thanks to which they develop their analytical skills and code synthax and structure understanding.

Photon Magic Bridge application

Coding with computer

How Photon Robot became the best buddy of a cat?

Scratch is the most popular visual coding language among children and teenagers. It is also used at schools worldwide. Thanks to Photon Magic Bridge application child can program their robot using Scratch. This way children can better understand new technologies, learn quicker problem-solving and develop computational thinking. What is more - they can develop knowledge aquired at school.

Use the most popular script language

Javascript is one of the most commonly used languages in professional coding. With use of Photon Magic Bridge application and Microsoft MakeCode integration, children gets a possibility of coding their robots using graphical blocks or writing script commands. This kind of activities develop creativity and multi-faceted understanding. Children learn coding in script language from which they can benefit in the future.

Be like a grown-programmer

Python is a programming language at the highest level. This does not mean, however, that it is extremely difficult. Python is a universal language, which is why professional developers use it so eagerly. The child masters the ability to create advanced software in a script language. They learn event and multi-threaded programming and get to know the complexity and possibilities of code syntax.

Photon Swift Playgrounds

Everybody can code!

Modern coding language

In the application dedicated to iPads, children take part in one of several courses on practical use of Photon Robot. They can easily teach their robots the basics - how to change colors, make sounds and move to finally create advanced programs in which Photon Robot becomes a guardian or moves like a Roomba robot. Thanks to the knowledge of Swift children will learn what functions, loops and conditional instructions are and how to correctly use them.

First contact with coding?

If your child has never tried coding before, nothing is lost. They will quickly learn the basics using the beginner application – Photon Robot. Photon Robot's interesting story introduces children to the amazing world of coding. You will be surprised how quickly your child begins to develop advanced skills.

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Photon Robot Home Edition


All you need to help your child make first steps in modern world full of technology.